Mandawa can be accessed by road, rail or by taking a flight to the nearest airport (Jaipur/Delhi). Follow this link to get more details.
The festival venues are between the twin properties of Castle Mandawa and Desert Resort Mandawa, which are separated by a distance of little more than a kilometer from each other. People staying in both the properties and attending the festival will have access to all events happening at both venues. The program will be divided around 4 stages between the two locations.
We advice you to walk between those narrow lanes of Mandawa to experience the town upclose during the daytime. We will have bicycle rentals and shuttles available to travel between the two properties round the clock.
There are many options to chose from. You can choose to stay in the luxurious suites of a 17th century Castle Mandawa or experience the nomadic vibe at the luxurious cottages in the ethnic Desert Resort Mandawa, both are comfortable and luxurious staying options. We are also making a camp site at the Desert Resort Mandawa, pitching luxury swiss tents with all amenities. We also have options of staying in single and group classic tents.
Yes, you will not have to buy a separate festival ticket.
The bookings are going to happen in three phases where the price increases every phase, as and when the limited accomodations of each phase gets sold out. It is advisable to book early as you will get the best value and you will really save on the flight expenses as well.
Yes, price of the non-residential ticket will be Rs. 6000/- per person. No early bird offer is applicable to these tickets.
We are selling non residential day pass for Rs. 3000 per day per person. Accommodations and ti are available only for full 3 days and nights only. Please don’t even think about missing any day!
No. It only includes buffet breakfast with the room bookings (Not with camping). You will need to purchase food and beverages as per your requirement.
The luxury swiss tents are fully furnished with attached private bathrooms that come with hot water. Guests will also be provided with breakfast on all days of the festival.
No. Getting your own alcohol is strictly prohibited. Please refer to the terms and conditions for other prohibited substances.
Taalbelia is a drug free festival. We follow a ZERO tolerance policy towards drugs. No one is allowed to get any narcotics to the festival area or rooms.
You should be here on 23th December before lunch hours. The festival begins by a sun-downer post lunch. The festival has a packed back to back programming from thereon till 26th morning.
Yes, the detailed schedule will be shared well in advance.
You can book both your festival accommodation and festival tickets from the website itself.
Absolutely. We recommend you to get your child/children along. We have designated children play areas, and many exciting workshops planned for the children at the festival.
Yes. Children below 12 years of age are free to the festival.
Yes we do. Please write to us on with the subject line - ‘I want to volunteer’ for same.
We don’t need food vendors. We surely can look at some exciting merchandise/shopping propositions for the guests. Please write an email regarding the same at
We will designate you with wristbands that will allow you access to all stages. These wristbands will be given once at the entry of the festival. These are washable. They have to be carefully retained for the entire duration of the festival.
No. Wristbands cannot be issued again.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Taalbelia. Please write to us on