Fresco painting is painting with powdered pigments on fresh plaster. An ancient, extremely durable way of working on a wall or ceiling, it was revived by Italian medieval artists, and flowered brilliantly in the Renaissance and Baroque. No other artistic medium is so evocative of a landscape, a culture, and of craft, as a true fresco. It is especially because of its durability that the ancient frescoes that have come down to us continue to occupy such a powerful place in our imagination. All the Havelis in Jhunjhunu have colorful Fresco work on the walls and many times even on the ceilings. If a fan of Fresco and Murals, you wouldn’t want to miss visiting any of these beautiful buildings. Shekhawati Paintings form a large part of the artwork here. Come and experience all of this and a lot more, all at Taalbelia!

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