Lac bangle making is an art, as old as the establishment of Jaipur city. The king of Amer summoned the most initial craftsmen from the Manoharpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Once the capital city was instituted, these Manihar craftsmen also shifted their vocational base from Amer to Jaipur. ‘Maniharon Ka Raasta’, in Jaipur, is dotted with countless bangle selling shops mostly managed by the muslim Manihari women while their men are away at the kilns and furnaces melting and preparing the raw-material. Rajasthani people believe that lac bangles bring good omen to those who wear them. Lac is a type of resin extracted from wild trees. The process of designing Lac work and jewellery involves heating, combining, kneading, hammering and shaping it till a dough like mass is made. In case of making a Lac bangle, the lac is expanded and formed into the required diameter and is thickened accordingly. Acquire all these skills from the proficient craftsmen at Taalbelia and flaunt these colorful pieces of art as you walk down the streets of Mandawa!

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